My name is Lizzy Nichols and I am currently pursuing my masters in Literatures of the Americas at Trinity College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland. Recently, I have been a youth mentor with the Arizona Youth Conservation Corps based out of the Verde Valley in Arizona. Before that, I was an English teaching assistant in Pézenas, France and a graduate of Northern Arizona University with a degree in English, a certificate in Literature, and a minor in French. Currently, I am filled with existential dread about what the future of this bio will be, but I try to take comfort in the small things, like killer Tinder banter and the way my soap makes my bathroom smell like honey.

Here’s some other work:

Sereno Park  (Screenplay), Oolong Tea Films, 2012.

“Life underneath a Sun” (fiction), The Prompt Literary Magazine, 2012.

“Next” (ten-minute play), Theatrikos Playwright Cafe, Jr., 2015.

Keys: Michael Martone and Ander Monson” (blog post), NonFictioNow 2015 Conference Blog, 2015.

Keynote Address by Michael Martone & Ander Monson” (blog post), Assay Journal, 2015.

“The Picnic Tables” (fiction), Cardinal Sins, 2015.

To You Who Live in My First Home: Fredericksburg, Virginia” (poem), Inklette Magazine, 2016.

“Nuages” and “to whoever it is I hear getting ready in the morning through these thin apartment walls” (poems), Web, 2017.

Struggles in Watercolor” (nonfiction essay), The RavensPerch, 2017.

“For All the Dorothies: Motherhood as a Campaign Strategy in Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Presidential Television Ads” (Academic Article), International Journal of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Education, 2017.

*All photos on the blog are by me unless otherwise stated.




  1. Ah, et je ne sais pas si cette information disais quelque chose, mais moi aussi j’ai apporté 10+ books, 3 pour les enfants.. et monsieur Gabriel Garcia Marquez aussi, mais 100 years of solitude. Fun.



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