A Spring Poem

Spring is my favorite season by far, and I’ve barely been able to sit still since Flagstaff started warming up. Boys are wearing t-shirts again, and I ended up writing a poem about it in the bit of free time I had in between students at tutoring.

Spring Poem



A Case for Playing Hookie


One of my best friends (her name starts with a K, just like all the other besties), surprise visited me from Albuquerque yesterday. She and I have lived together in Aalborg, Denmark, and traveled to Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Budapest, London, Zadar (Croatia), Venice, Marseilles, Nice, and Paris, and even worked on a horse farm in the French countryside before. Today, we ended up spontaneously going to Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona. I skipped yoga and a Chinese New Year celebration in my Chinese class, as well as (kind of) ditching three students that I tutor on Mondays. But these pictures are my justification.





My boyfriend (also K) ended up taking me star gazing on the hill where Pluto was discovered at the end of the day. It was a new moon, and today was perfect.