Sunshine Blogger Award

I would like to thank the lovely Keene Short for his nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award! I remember seeing these on the blogs I followed in high school, and I am so excited to join this fun little tradition of the blogosphere as an effort to recognize the blogs one admires! The rules are as follows:

1. Thank the person that nominated you. (Ugh. Fine.)

2. Answer the 11 questions from your nominator.

3. Nominate and notify 11 bloggers.

4. Give them 11 questions to answer.

The questions I was given, and my answers, are as follows:

  1. What book are you reading now, or are eager to start? Actually, I just finished (today) reading Stefan Kiesbye’s Your House Is on Fire, Your Children All Gone (which is incredible. Read it.)
  2. What music do you listen to while working (if anything)? Depending on the mood, folk music like Mountain Man, Shakey Graves, etc. or electronic music like Hundred Waters, Sylvan Esso, etc.
  3. What is the most useful tool for your work or hobbies? Word. Unfortunately, mine is in Danish. And stuck on British spellcheck.
  4. The Grim Reaper rings your doorbell; you challenge the Reaper to a board game, and if you win you won’t be taken to Hades; what board game do you choose? Clue.
  5. What is your ideal pet (apart from a domesticated Grim Reaper)? A pig.
  6. Is there a past (or future) decade for which you are nostalgic? If so, what and why? The turn of the century before World War One. Despite knowing that, if I lived during this decade, the feminist in me would be a bit sad, I think the style from this time is the most flattering. I like looking flattering and all. Also, my favorite book series, Anne of Green Gables takes place during this time.
  7. What is your best method for coping with stress? (I swear I’m not asking because I’m stressed. I swear). Well, most often used: taking it out on people who will put up with it. Best: tumblr.
  8. How do you celebrate a major achievement or accomplishment? Drinking.
  9. What is your preferred mode of transportation (bike, plane, feet, racing team of twelve congresspeople tied to a sled, etc.)? Bike, in flowery dresses while secretly listening to loud, angry, ratchet music.
  10. Where do you do most of your work (home, office, school department, coffee shop, in a sled pulled by twelve congresspeople)? My apartment.
  11. And lastly, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could get a law degree from Harvard and join a lobby group on behalf of small locally owned and operated woodchucking facilities and successfully bring down Big Wood and their death grip on the international woodchucking industry? Five.

Okay, the next part I must concede to failure. I promise I’m not a stuck-up blogging isolationist, but I do not have eleven blogs to nominate for this award, most of the blogs I follow either falling into the catergory of perhaps a little too famous or simply professors I’m obsessed with, but am simultaneously intimidated by. Instead, I will pose eleven questions, and I’d like to hear in the comments some answers? Yeah? Deal? I don’t want to forgo my award to a lack of internet awareness!

  1. How are you today?
  2. What is your favorite flower?
  3. What is the most recent genre you have read besides a fiction novel, and what did you read?
  4. Pumpkin spice or peppermint?
  5. What is your favorite holiday?
  6. What do you usually spend your summers doing?
  7. Do you have a favorite artist?
  8. When winning your first Oscar, who is the first person you thank before getting cut off by a pissed off violin?
  9. What sticky substance do you think the man likes best?
  10. What is your future pig’s name?
  11. What would your camp name be?


  1. May I answer a few? I won’t leave a giant comment, but a few. 1. Just woke up, so glad that I’ve defeated death for another day. 2. Cherry blossoms. 4. Pumpkin spice. 5. Halloween. 6. I’ve spent every summer differently (camping, Ireland, summer math class, Boy Scouting, etc.), and the only consistency is writing and dog-petting. 9. Speaking on behalf of the man, I can say it’s blackberry syrup (applied liberally to the face). 10. I’d like to name my pig Doc, since Steinbeck already took Pigasus. 11. My camp name would be Map, so campers never feel lost.

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